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Desktop – Wolfgang

The secret weapon comes through with a gap to opposite ice whilst out one evening last week. You can download this image for your desktop background right here. Whilst you are at it, check the Wolfgang video we dropped a few months back…


Desktop – Chris Whyte

This one is fresh! Whilst in Sydney on the weekend shooting with Chris for his next video we copped some rain so he took me to this iconic spot to get this photo, stoked on how it came out even if I did have the worst flash setup known to man for the shot. Download it here for your desktop.


Chris’s The Division Project part…

Desktop – Rhys Gogel

We shot this photo of Rhys when he was in Melbourne a few months ago filming for The Division Project. This spot has been around for probably 15 years and just recently got the addition of some funky lights so we made advantage of the fresh old spot. You can download it here for your desktop background…


Desktop – Carraig Troy

Kyle Jacobson has been making moves with the photo’s he’s been shooting of late. This one of Tiny with an opposite ice whilst filming for The Division Project is a personal favourite of mine. You can download it for your desktop right here and check out more of Kyle’s work here


Desktop – Daniel Johnson

Railhop/pole hop from Daniel Johnson during the filming for The Division Project, you can download it here for your desktop background.

If you are in Canberra this Friday you will be able to see the premiere for the video at Backbone. DJ’s section will be online first in the coming weeks.


Desktop – Anton Ayres

DJ shot this solid photo of Anton which you can download for your desktop wallpaper right here. Previous desktops are available here.


Desktop – Rhys Gogel

Dave Rubinich really came through for us on this shot of Rhys shot in South Australia. This is BMX and mother nature in it’s purest form… Download it here for your desktop background.


Desktop – Trent McDaniel

Thanks Timothy Burkhart for this shot of Trent. You can download it for your desktop background right here.


Desktop – Daniel Johnson

Came up on this photo of DJ from a couple years back now when we were first starting the brand. To me this is a timeless shot of DJ. You can download it here if you want it for your desktop background.


Desktop – Trent McDaniel

Thanks to David Leep for this dialed shot of Trent 360’ing over the rail. You can download it for your desktop background right here.


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