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Tee’s out later this week.

We will have out first run of tee’s out later this week, here is a little preview. These will be only available in Australia.

There will be 3 designs available initially – Dscape, Pocket Logo & Reverse.

Beanies out this week

Our beanies will be out later this week in selected stores around Australia. Limited edition of only 30 per colour.

It’s washing day.

Macca has had to spend a bit of time off the bike lately due to some shoulder issues but he has been getting back into it the last few days rolling around town. In other news we have our first edit coming out in a few days which should be the goods!

Formosa forks update.

The Formosa forks have been a long process to get exactly how we wanted but finally they are dialed! Here you can see the investment cast dropouts before they are welded into the forks.

Macca desktop background.

If you are into this photo of Macca you can download it for a desktop background in a variety of sizes to suit your computer.

1920 x 1080….1680 x 1020….1440 x 875….1280 x 776

Product testing?

Daniel Johnson can be known for getting pretty pissed off when clips don’t go his way.

First print advert.

This was the first print advert we did for 2020 mag earlier this year for a little bit of hype. The main image is a photo of Southern Cross station in Melbourne shot from the Docklands side. The photo in the background is also from Melbourne, shot near Imax theatre.

Thanks for the love.

Just a shout out to thank everyone who has posted about Division Brand on their websites and anyone who has made positive comments about it all. We really appreciate it. More to come soon, hit us up on FB.

The Crew

We wanted to get guys involved with the brand that had the same views on riding as the brand itself. Macca, Troy and DJ all just seemed to work when we put pen to paper 14 months ago. Be sure to suss out their interview pages to learn more about the three guys, you will be seeing alot more of them in the future.

Welcome to Division Brand

Welcome to Division Brand – A brand new Australian based BMX brand focused on the lifestyle that surrounds riding and creating solid, clean & functional products.

Division Brand came about from the simple desire to help out more riders on the scene with opportunities & a chance for them to be a part of something solid.

We will be posting web videos from the team here every few weeks, so make sure to check back regularly. Macca, DJ & Troy have all been working hard the last few months on a bunch of edits for your enjoyment. Hopefully it gives you an insight into what we’re about.

Take a look around our site, get to know the team & check out our products that we will have on offer.

See where you can buy our products from our extensive list of dealers around the planet. You will even be able to buy direct from our online store in the weeks ahead & we will ship your orders straight to you.

In September of this year, we will have a full range of products available which we have been testing extensively for the past 12 months or more.

We trust you will be down with what we have been working hard on with Division Brand & we look forward to showing the world what we’re about in the very near future.

Macca in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year.

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