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Gogel and the ECC crew

Rhys has some text book moves in this mixtape from the ECC crew, make sure you watch the whole video, it’s the goods…

Rhys Gogel’s build

Gogel is rockin’ a unique setup at the moment. He also has the sample guard sprocket, rims and stem on there which are all going good. Guard sprocket will be out next month. Thanks to Mike Moore for the images.




CBD Sessions / Melbourne

This has been one we’ve been working on gradually as each of the crew came through town. Shot around the city area of Melbourne, Australia with Chris Whyte, Mitchell McDonald, Cooper Brownlee, Daniel Johnson, Carraig Troy, Rhys Gogel and Wolfgang Ray.

Roof spots

Gogel getting a session in on a dope spot today. Thanks Rubers for the shots.



Set-ups with Rhys Gogel

A recent trip to Adelaide meant we were able to link up with Rhys Gogel and shoot some shit. Gogel recently put together a new Lanark frame so we smashed out some images to show how good this frame looks. Check them all here.



WWM #2

With footage from all around the world it always makes these mixtapes unique. Thanks to everyone that helped film clips of the crew…

Rhys Gogel ECC

Gogel has good footage throughout this mixtape from the ECC

Gogel in Melbs

Gogel is currently in Melbourne with a bunch of ADL crew dodging the rain and clipping up.

rhys-bars-bank--_LR rhys-pegs-in-car--_LR

Public holidays…

Rhys Gogel and the crew down in ADL took advantage of a public holiday to ride this roof spot they’ve never have been able too before. Looks dope…

gogel roof1

gogel roof2

Wolrdwide Mixtape 01

Featuring almost the entire team from around the world. The WWM is a series of videos we are working on, getting as much of crew involved as possible.

Filmed by Anton Ayres, Chris Bracamonte, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Piatek, Brendan Boeck, Chris Whyte, Larry Alvarado, Polly, Jeremie Infelise, Guy Perrett, Josh Dereus, Jarrod Murfit, Jye Stuart, Mitchell McDonald, Dylan Steinhart, Clemont Carpenter

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