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SF Photo Feature

Thanks to Infelise we have a dope photo feature from a day he spent with some of the crew in SF, check it here


Jeremie Infelise and the Lanark frame

Jeremie Infelise has been running one of the original Lanark frame prototypes for over a year now and it’s still going strong as you will see. Thanks to Josh Babu and everyone that contributed to filming this…

Jeremie Infelise and Diadem

Jeremie Infelise has a cool video interview below about the making of the full length DVD he created within the Texas BMX scene in conjunction with Empire BMX. Watching the interview will get you hyped to watch the full length as it gives you a great insight into the reasoning behind the project.

Infelise’s rig

Jeremie sent over some 35mm shots of his bike. He’s been running one of the sample Lanark frames for a while now with no problems. The frame drops in the coming weeks so keep a lookout.




WWM #2

With footage from all around the world it always makes these mixtapes unique. Thanks to everyone that helped film clips of the crew…

Trent McDaniel in Texas video

Trent spent 10 days in Texas with Jeremie Infelise and the guys got super busy filming this video. When J showed me the raw footage they’d stacked on the trip I was really excited to see the end result and Jeremie didn’t dissapoint. Shoutout to RIDE for premiering the video…


The Delic crew have been killing it lately with the images. Head over to their site for more goodness…




Wolrdwide Mixtape 01

Featuring almost the entire team from around the world. The WWM is a series of videos we are working on, getting as much of crew involved as possible.

Filmed by Anton Ayres, Chris Bracamonte, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Piatek, Brendan Boeck, Chris Whyte, Larry Alvarado, Polly, Jeremie Infelise, Guy Perrett, Josh Dereus, Jarrod Murfit, Jye Stuart, Mitchell McDonald, Dylan Steinhart, Clemont Carpenter

Jeremie’s rig

Jeremie’s bike is stacked full of Division product. Formosa Forks, C-Bahs, Terminal Stem, Valiance Cranks, Talladega Sprocket, Drive side guard , XL Seat and post.










When Jeremie was in LA recently with me he had his point and shoot out all day everyday. He posted some of the images up on the Delic site which are well worth a moment of your time.





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