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The Division Project – Full Video

Ride BMX have posted up the entire Division Project up on their Youtube channel, sit back and relax for 30 minutes and watch something that I hope gets you stoked on BMX…

The Division Project – Trailer

We are really excited to finally release the trailer for The Division Project. The DVD/Web project will feature full sections from Daniel Johnson, Chris Whyte, Jeremie Infelise, Carraig Troy, Rhys Gogel and Anton Ayres along with a split section from Mitchell McDonald and Jack O’Reilly plus a worldwide mix section from the entire crew.

The DVD will premiere at the end of August and will be released on DVD in limited quantities on the premiere night with each section being released online 2 weeks after the premiere with a free DVD to follow out in October.


Ivan Nikolaev

Shoutout to Ivan Nikolaev who made it into the top 11 Russian web videos of 2013. You can check the rest of the videos right here.

Ivan Nikolaev footage

Ivan has some good clips in this mix from the Stress crew over in Russia.

Ivan Nikolaev video

Our good friend from Russian, Ivan Nikolaev really went to work on some nice looking spots. Thanks to Konstantin Chernov, Andrew Ayukhaev, Saro Grigoryan, Denis Stepanov, Max Bespaliy, Dmitriy Onoprienko, Dmitriy Osokin and Lesha KP for filming this.

Ivan and Quintin

Ivan doing it for his clothing hookup Quintin, last clip is ridiculous.

Ivan Nikolaev’s setup

Our Russian connection Ivan Nikolaev sent through some shots of his current ride which he reps Division with the Monument Stem, Formosa Forks, Pivotal Seat, Headset, Talladega Sprocket and Aesthetic Bars.








Ivan at Adrenaline Games

Ivan scored a few nice photos in a gallery shot by Fudger over on the Ride site. Shitty about the weather blowing out finals but looks like it was a good time none the less.


Ivan mix

Well this is a treat! Some what a best of footage of Ivan Nikolaev. So many hammers in this, loved the luce down the kinked ledge.

Ivan Nikolaev fresh setup

With the weather coming good in Russia, Ivan setup a fresh new rig to hit it and it’s covered in DVSN product. Check it out and hit up RAENshop if you are over there.

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