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DIG Dozen with Dan Norvell

12 hammer clips from the guy that can literally ride anything…

Dan Norvell video

Dan is such a good rider, super diverse as well. He’s been working on a few video projects so keep an eye out for more but this should keep you happy for now. That last clip is insane! Well really every clip in this is ridiculous…

WWM #2

With footage from all around the world it always makes these mixtapes unique. Thanks to everyone that helped film clips of the crew…

Dan Norvell bike check

Dan Norvell rocks a bunch of our product in this video bike check for TCU. Damn he can shred trails…

Wolrdwide Mixtape 01

Featuring almost the entire team from around the world. The WWM is a series of videos we are working on, getting as much of crew involved as possible.

Filmed by Anton Ayres, Chris Bracamonte, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Piatek, Brendan Boeck, Chris Whyte, Larry Alvarado, Polly, Jeremie Infelise, Guy Perrett, Josh Dereus, Jarrod Murfit, Jye Stuart, Mitchell McDonald, Dylan Steinhart, Clemont Carpenter

Dan Norvell pool missions

Dan has been out hitting up some pools of late. We helped drain this pool a few months ago so it’s good to see it’s still running. All photos from Sean Kitt.




In the deep end with Dan Norvell

Few shots of Dan from a recent DIG article, peep them all here.



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