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Ringwood sessions

Both Dizzy and Cooper have clips in this mix from some of the Melbourne guys riding Ringwood park in Melbourne.

A&W split section

New section from the FP dvd just dropped, get at it…

Check the colab seat we did with FP right here.


I’ve been filming this project for the past 6 months and it’s almost all wrapped up. Diz, Chris Whyte, Jack O’Reilly and DJ have solid clips in this video so make sure you check the trailer out below and pre-order the DVD right here. It will be released on May 5th.

CBD Sessions / Melbourne

This has been one we’ve been working on gradually as each of the crew came through town. Shot around the city area of Melbourne, Australia with Chris Whyte, Mitchell McDonald, Cooper Brownlee, Daniel Johnson, Carraig Troy, Rhys Gogel and Wolfgang Ray.

DIY spots in Melbourne

Wolf and Chris both bang out some solids throughout this Melbourne DIY spot we rode a few months back when the crew was in town.

Cooper Brownlee X Daniel Johnson

When DJ blew his knee out 18 months ago we had a bunch of clips stacked which were used for The Division Project but we also had more kept aside for another project that never came about so DJ hit me up about doing a split part with him. I’m not like DJ where I can bang out hammers on the daily and I spend most my time behind a camera (I can also be a pussy sometimes) so yes DJ has his clips long before I did and he had to wait until I finally got enough clips that I was stoked on for the part. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this and the good news is DJ will be back riding in 2 months so you will get to see more of him very soon.

Thanks to everyone that helped film this.

WWM #2

With footage from all around the world it always makes these mixtapes unique. Thanks to everyone that helped film clips of the crew…

Cooper Brownlee TCU Podcast

Our frontman, Cooper Brownlee has an in-depth Podcast over on TCU where he talks about all things Division, Australian BMX & what ever else Adam came up with. Sit back & check it out here.

You can also go in with a chance to win a prototype Lanark Frame in 20.5″ in your choice of either ED Black or Trans Red. Just follow both @divisionbrand & @thecomeupbmx & re-post the image here to be in the draw. Use hashtag #lanarkframe



Matt Hildebrand was on hand for a week in LA with us and shot some nice shots of the days out…









switch ice





The Package mixtape

DJ opens up the new FP mixtape with a fire line, can’t wait for him to be back rolling…

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