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CBD Sessions / Melbourne

This has been one we’ve been working on gradually as each of the crew came through town. Shot around the city area of Melbourne, Australia with Chris Whyte, Mitchell McDonald, Cooper Brownlee, Daniel Johnson, Carraig Troy, Rhys Gogel and Wolfgang Ray.

CBD Sessions – Brisbane

We wanted to work on a project that focused on one city at a time and Brisbane, Australia, was a good place to start. It has the most crew available with Anton Ayres, Mitchell McDonald and Carraig Troy all locals. Since Brisbane isn’t the easiest place to get a solid ride in because of tight security, 7am sessions and late night missions over a number of months helped us get the job done. More cities to come.

Chris Whyte in Melbourne

Chris flew down for 3 days over the weekend to finish up filming for his latest DVSN video along with another project we are kicking off. It was a real productive 3 days besides smashing his finger on the first day. Keep a lookout for his new video in the coming weeks.




The new seat that will be out in a few months…

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