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Backbone trip

Jacko has some good clips in this road trip video from the Backbone crew including a large opposite ice grind down a nice rail in the middle of nowhere…


Thibaut Weber and his friend Bruno Faucon get in a session at a park south of France and lay down some solid moves especially on the flat rail…

PRAN jam tomorrow

If you’re near Melbourne make sure you get down to this as it will be a good session…


Burn City

DJ shows up throughout this BTS city roll from Focalpoint BMX

Chris Whyte is a rail boss

Chris Whyte is becoming a true rail boss, hitting every rail he can find and putting in work to find more every day. Stoked this is out for the world to see and thanks to Chris Bracamonte for the additional footage and DIG for hosting the video…

Jack O’Reilly is a beast.

If you have’t seen the Backbone DVD yet, you need to get a copy asap. Such a massive ice.


Thanks Strictly BMX for hooking this up…


Instagram – Daniel Johnson


Parramatta Jam

If you’re in Sydney, later this month make sure you get down to the park in Parramatta as the locals are putting on a jam which we are supporting. More of this please…

para jam

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