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Jeremie Leftovers

After finishing up Jeremie’s section for The Division Project, we had some spare clips, 2nd angles and crashes left over so we put together this out takes video.

Head over to our Instagram for a chance to win a couple custom DVSN tee’s from Jeremie.

Jeremie’s section from The Division Project…

Keahnu Doyle is killing it

Nunu shot through some dialed shots that he had been sitting on. Adam Cox killed it on the lens as per usual…



Also incase you missed the Worldwide Mix from The Division Project, Nunu has some gold in there…

Big things ahead…

It’s been a few years now since we launched Division Brand & the support the brand has been given has been nothing short of amazing. From all the team who are down for the cause, to our list of distributors from all over the planet, to all the amazing shops that carry our products & to the riders who have bought our products, we all thank you.

It’s now time to step things up a couple notches again for Division Brand.

We will be vastly increasing the product range on hand. What started as a smaller parts range, will now include a full complete bike range, after market frames & the range of parts will be expanding as well.

New parts additions will be our first grip, the Tactical Hubs & much more still in the works. All with the definitive Division Brand aesthetic making it have it’s own appeal. These newer items will start to be available from June throughout the end of the year. The frames & complete bikes will be available from October with new parts starting to appear during these times as well.

With all these changes also comes extra responsibilities & to take these on, Cooper Brownlee will step up his role into the brand manager for the company. Cooper will also join officially as a team rider. Something he pretty much always did behind the scenes, along with all his other duties within the Colony BMX family of brands. Nothing will change with his affiliation with our other brands & he will continue to do so more than ever.

I look forward to this new & exciting chapter ahead for Division Brand & I thanks all those in advance who are down with the cause. Even better things are just around the corner, so stay tuned.

Clint Millar – rider owner Division Brand / Colony BMX / Academy BMX.



I am stoked to take on the challenges ahead for DVSN, we’ve been working day and night the past few months on all the new goods. I can’t thank Millar enough for the opportunities he gives me and all the team guys, good and busy times ahead… Cooper

Chris Whyte in Melbourne

Chris flew down for 3 days over the weekend to finish up filming for his latest DVSN video along with another project we are kicking off. It was a real productive 3 days besides smashing his finger on the first day. Keep a lookout for his new video in the coming weeks.




The new seat that will be out in a few months…


We spent a good chunk of the weekend cruising Brisbane CBD and collecting footage for a few up coming projects. Anton and Tiny got some good shit yesterday…





Sierra Grips

We tested the first sample grips for a good 6 months and had no issues with the grip besides having the end piece of the grip wear down a little quick so we’ve change the direction of the lines in that section so that issue is a thing of the past. We also made them 12mm longer then the previous sample as per the teams requests. Final samples are done and looking fresh! We will test this for a bit longer then all going well they will be in production in the near future.




Black on Black

Final sample of the Black on Black seat is on Anton’s bike right now. Looking the goods for production…


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