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Desktop – Chris Whyte

This one is fresh! Whilst in Sydney on the weekend shooting with Chris for his next video we copped some rain so he took me to this iconic spot to get this photo, stoked on how it came out even if I did have the worst flash setup known to man for the shot. Download it here for your desktop.


Chris’s The Division Project part…

The Bakery

Trent has some great footage throughout this video of him and a bunch of good crew riding one of The Bakery rails that is now setup at The Four Seasons park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

You got that slow mo

Jeremie put together 7 minutes of the Austin street scene together real nicely for our viewing pleasure. J also gets a few solid clips in the mix…

Blake Butterfield jam

Butterlegs is putting on the 6th annual Blake jam which this year is taking place at Menai park in Sydney. Hit it up this Sunday for no doubt a good solid session.

Blake jam 6 rectangular

Front hub samples

Hubs are out being tested on a few of the team guys bikes. Check the front hub all laced up…

sample front hub

Dan Norvell video

Dan is always coming through with solid moves, good to see some of them got captured so that more people can witness how good he really is…

Seat samples

New seat samples are looking the goods…

div seat sample

Dan Norvell clips

Dan Norvell who reps a bunch of our product over in the states has a bunch of good clips throughout this day in the life with his boys Dylan Stark and Jourdan Barba…

Mac Fields

Mac Fields jam looked good, heavy flat rail session and Chris Whyte was slaying both the flat and down rails.

Anton Ayres – Witness the Shitness

Anton’s section from “Witness the Shitness” is now online. So many tech grind combos as we all know Anton is capable of. Check it out.

Anton Ayres from shitdungastatus on Vimeo.

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