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Carraig Troy – Witness the Shitness

Tiny‘s section from WTS is now online and features a bunch of rail slaying on all 4 pegs…

Merry Christmas

Much love to all the crew, stockists, distributors and the riders out there supporting the brand. We really appreciate it and hope you guys have a good holiday doing something you enjoy.


DJ behind the lens

As you would probably know DJ is off the bike for most likely the next 9 months due to waiting on knee surgery but thankfully for him he has another passion outside of riding which is shooting photos and filming. He has been working on this Melbourne video for a good 5 months and the end result is fantastic…

Seat samples

Not long now…




RE-UP – Owen Dawson

Incase you missed this dialled video from Owen over in Canada a couple months back I recommend you have a watch. Rail slaying at it’s finest.


Rhys Gogel opens up the ECC mixtape with a solid line. Everyone products in this video so check it out…

Watkinson images

Anthony sent through a couple real nice sequences shot by Eisa Bakos.



Desktop – Rhys Gogel

We shot this photo of Rhys when he was in Melbourne a few months ago filming for The Division Project. This spot has been around for probably 15 years and just recently got the addition of some funky lights so we made advantage of the fresh old spot. You can download it here for your desktop background…


Daniel johnson 2006 – 2014



The Division Project – Full Video

Ride BMX have posted up the entire Division Project up on their Youtube channel, sit back and relax for 30 minutes and watch something that I hope gets you stoked on BMX…

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