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New born

Congrats go out to Anton and Nikki with the birth of Raffie, I am sure Rome will be an awesome big brother…


Anton holds it down on and off the bike…

Mac Fields Jam

If you are in Sydney make sure to hit this up, mac Fields is the goods and we are supporting it so you could score some freebies…


Hub samples

Over the next few months some of the crew will be testing our our new Tactical hubs. These have been in the works for a bit of time now so I am hyped to be seeing samples.





Technique pegs

This week we got in the new Technique pegs. These are a much light peg than previous but still super strong by having them thicker in places you are going to grind the shit out of and thinner where you won’t be hitting as much. Available now so hit up your favourite store or mail order for fresh set.


Roast to Toast

This is BMX! Wolfgang also clips up throughout the video…


LUX have a new website and are stocking a bunch of our product, check it all out here

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.58.07 pm

The latest with Ronnie Grant

Ronnie Grant let us know that he is back riding now after bruising his kidneys which had him off the bike for a while. Good to see you out in it again man…


The latest with Jack O’Reilly

Hey guys, been off the horse for the last month, ate it on a 13 flat 13 that Zac forced me to try something on haha… Rolled the old ankle pretty bad and near broke my toe I think… Self diagnosed of cause…. First ride back was on the weekend! Was like a pig in shit… Ended up going riding with Jeff, Jack and Zac… Wasn’t really our day though… Picked up the camera off bdog, got out to the city and had two flat batteries… Didn’t stop us messing around with a few manual challenges and putting shit on each other… Other then that not much else is new


The Division Project DVD – Now available

Helping keep the DVD dream alive we’ve produced copies of the recent Division Project which are now available in Australia at all good bike stores for free with the rest of the world to land them in the coming weeks.

dvision dvd

Frenchie leftovers

Frenchie dropped this video today with a bunch of clips he had lying around, grinds on grinds…

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