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The weekend with Chris Whyte

Last weekend I spent the weekend filming with Chris Whyte. We started the trip out with a 4 hour session trying ti film a line on a roof in the heat, Chris stuck with it and finally got the clip he wanted. Things went a bit smoother from then on in which was good. Chris has a thing for Kinkers right now as you can see from the one he fired out in the photo below, stoked on the move he got done on it. Sydney always produces good fresh spots.




Chris’s recent web video incase you missed it last week…

The Division Project – Anton Ayres

The final section from The Division Project is now live. Anton brings it home with a section full of grind wizard moves. Thanks to Jack Birtles, Lucas Comino, Nathan Seeley and Chris Storey for the additional footage. Enjoy…

If you want to watch all the sections just click here.

Flem Banks Jam in Melbourne

This will be good. Just like last jam we are on board with supporting the day.

flem banks 2014 jam FIN

Wolfgang in Texas

Wolfgang made his way to Texas Toast this week and has been hitting up spots along the way. Chris Bracamonte sent through a couple dope shots…



The Division Project – Chris Whyte

Chris Whyte‘s section from The Division Project. We filmed this for probably a year and Chris kept stacking new clips so we had plenty to shoos from for the finished project.

Poster boy

J got a hold of his fresh new poster that is part of a collection of posters we had printed recently. These bad boys are available now worldwide for all of our stockists so hit em’ up!

Thanks to Luke Shelton for the photo.



Check his section for the clip from this photo…

Wolfgang Ray knows what’s up

I met Wolfgang about a month ago whilst in California riding with some of the LAX crew, I had no idea who this quite kid was but he sure was killing it. After riding with a few more times and the kind words from others we thought it would be good to help out Wolfgang with some new products to get his bike rolling fresh. Wolfgang is already working on his first web video with Chris Bracamonte which should be a treat. Thanks to Chris for hooking us up with these images. Wolfgang is currently on the way to Texas Toast so keep a look out for this guy and give him a hug for me.



Witness the Shitness

Seeley and Co including Anton, Tiny and Macca will all have footage in this dvd.

Sydney Halloween Jam

Be there!

Halloween Jam 2014 v1

The Division Project – Carraig Troy

Tiny really came through with some good footage towards the end of the filming of this project. The week we spent filming in Brisbane early this year really kicked his section into gear and this is the end result. Thanks to Jack Birtles, Nathan Seeley, Chris Storey and Lucas Comino for the additional footage…

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