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The Division Project – Mixtape section

Next section to drop online is the mix section featuring Andre Delgado, Owen Dawson, Trent McDaniel, Hayden Vesey, Alex Coumailleau, James Hayes, Ivan Nikolaev, Keahnu Doyle and Anthony Watkinson. All the crew came through with some solid clips. Massive thanks to all the guys that helped filmed their homies, appreciate the help from all across the globe.

Filmed by Andrew Ayukhaev, Max Grek, Max Bespaly, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Cox, Scott Godwin, Victor Schmidt, Tiago Antunes, Andrew Brady, Rhett Cerney, Shwan Duffield, Zach Rampen, Dylan Coltman and Charlie Williams.

Jeremie on the East Coast

Out on the East Coast filming with Jeremie right now.



In print – Jack O’Reilly

Jack O’Reilly has been filming hard for the Backbone DVD and this large ice photo is proof of that. If you’ve picked up a copy of the Nothing’s Wrong zine you would see this advert along with there bing posters available, just hit up your local shop or mail-order.


The Division Project – Rhys Gogel

Next up is Adelaide’s Rhys Gogel‘s section.

Thanks to Dave Rubinich, Steven Shires, Jack Kelly and Lachy Swanton for the help with filming some of the clips.

The Division Project – Jeremie Infelise

I was never sure if Jeremie would have a full part in this project but J really came through in the final months of filming. I can’t thank all the crew he rolls with who helped filming, really appreciate your help, hit play and watch this beast in HD.

James Heyes video

Bear over in the UK put together this edit from the past couple months with Scott Godwin for Alans BMX. Loved the g-turn to manual line.

Chris Whyte in California

Chris is out in California for a month for his first trip to the USA and has already been putting in work in front of the lens and enjoying the treats that don’t exist in Australia.




Valiance Cranks out now

Our 2015 product has started to arrive around the planet & one now item is our Valiance Cranks. Inspired from our previous Strong Hold Cranks with the addition of square shaped arms. Full post heat treated, ultra strong 2 piece design. Click here now for more details.




The Division Project – Daniel Johnson

Today we are stoked to release the first section featuring Daniel Johnson from The Division Project DVD. DJ came through with some real solid shit and although blew his knee out in March already had enough footage for something special. Hit the play button, enjoy and look out for the next part to drop sooner rather than later.

The Division Project – Interview

Thanks to the guys over at 2020 there is a pretty in-depth interview about The Division Project and everything that was involved in creating it. Read it here.



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