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Desktop – Rhys Gogel

Dave Rubinich really came through for us on this shot of Rhys shot in South Australia. This is BMX and mother nature in it’s purest form… Download it here for your desktop background.


The Division Project – Brisbane premiere

Very stoked to be able to announce the premiere date for The Division Project DVD. We haven’t really talked that much about what this actually is but basically we’ve been filming for the past year with the crew for a dvd project. We will be having a premiere in Brisbane later this month where you can also score a free copy of the dvd and a limited edition run zine from the filming for the project. We will lasso be releasing the sections online shortly after the premiere date along with bringing out the free hard copy dvd version in the coming months.

Full sections from Daniel Johnson, Rhys Gogel, Carraig Troy, Jermeie Infelise, Chris Whyte and Anton Ayres. Along with a split section with Mitchell McDonald and Jack O’Reilly. There will also be a worldwide mix section from the rest of the guys which is coming along nicely. The trailer will be dropping soon for it but for now check out the flyer details and head out if you are anywhere remotely near Brisbane late August.


Daily Visuals – Brisbane


The Division Project

Premiere announced very soon, for now a few shots…




Chicago street jam

The Chicago scene looks to be going hard these days, Trent has some good clips in this.


We are always posting interesting shit via our Instagram @divisionbrand




Jack O’Reilly’s set up

Jacko knows what’s up! Get more of a scoop of Jack here.


Desktop – Trent McDaniel

Thanks Timothy Burkhart for this shot of Trent. You can download it for your desktop background right here.


Canadian Concrete @ Railside POCO

We helped support the Canadian Concrete this year in Canada, good to see Owen get some clips in the mix.

Daily Visuals – Brisbane


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