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Jeremie Infelise interview

Head over to the WAOJ website for a good interview with Jeremie all about moving to Austin, riding and filming. Check it here.



Rail 360 from Keahnu Doyle filming for his part in Jye Stuarts upcoming DVD Shibby Roma. Shot courtesy of Will Hickman.


Nasty Mondays with Jeremie

J is out of action right now due to some broken ribs and this morning Charlie Crumlish posted this video which shows how Jeremie did it, putting’ in work…

6 Track – Jeremie Infelise

New series for the site where we hit up the crew on their list of 6 tracks that are getting heavy rotation on their IPod. First up is Jeremie, see if you come up on something new for your collection.


Friday Inspiration

The truth:

Daily Visuals – Brisbane


BMX-shop.com in the UK

Our full ranges are now available in the UK with some good stocks available & one shop that has it all ready to go, is BMX-shop.com Check out this video they produced which give you an insight into some of our products.

Daily Visuals – Melbourne


DJ and Tiny

Both DJ and Tiny have footage in this mixed section taken from the Coppin it Sweet DVD that came out late last year…

Daily Visuals – San Francisco

Another Infelise shot.


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