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Jeremie ATX – VX

Jeremie moved to Austin a few months ago and got straight into filming this for us. Thanks to Charlie Crumlish for filming it…

Stacked BMX Shop

Spot master and OG street legend Larry Alvarado is opening a BMX shop in Riverside California on the 3rd of May. Larry will be stocking Division and you can see some clips of DJ within this really solid mixtape he dropped with the announcement of the new shop.

Follow them on Instagram @stackedbmxshop

Backbone BMX – Fisher, ACT

Backbone hold it down for all of Canberra and do a damn good job of it. Full stock of our goods via their shop or online store.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.16.24 am

The latest with Delgado

I’m going to travel to Rio de Janeiro, an event for street there called Rio Street Jam! Which brings together some of the best of Brazil’s street riders. Teams will be of various types, brands, friends and here we decided to make a team of friends from my state, Minas Gerais … They are great riders, we are going to compete strong and enjoy the “City wonderful”.
After the Rio I will be embarking for Bolivia, a project of the hydrant Movies, my film company with 2 more partners ex’s BMX. I’ll get some eight days there, shooting downhill, hopefully getting a little ride Downhill to enjoy and take some pictures.





Macca footage

This popped up out of nowhere thanks to Raph. Unseen footage of Macca is always a treat. He does shit too easy.

Strictly BMX – Prahran, Vic

Strictly BMX down in Melbourne, Australia have good stock of our product so if you are in the area make sure you check out there store or hit them online. Their store is something you definitely need to check out any time you visit Melbourne.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.08.57 am

Frenchie broke off

Frenchie copped some broken bone fragments in his ankle yesterday from a rainy day session that went bad. Get well soon brother.


The latest with Jack O’Reilly

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent in an update, andddd not much has really changed since the last one haha… Still slowly chipping away at my video part which is going good! Pretty much halfway there now… Definitely seen some crazy shit go down by others! Can’t wait to see the full product! Heading down to the coast for a week or so on Thursday which will be fun! Hopefully get a bit of riding in if the weather stays dry! Then when I get back, I’ll be heading to the ACT jam that Backbone will be holding on the 25th and 26th.. Pretty sure there is a bit of a crew coming in from out of town which will be dope! Always good to see some new faces!

He’s a setup that the boys and I were hitting a couple of weeks ago.


photo 4

Daniel Johnson USA photos

DJ’s messed up his knee the 2nd day of the month long trip he had planned in the USA but he has kept himself busy shooting the happenings surrounding him. He recently published some real nice shots that you can check here.




Daily Visuals – San Diego


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