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Advert – Rhys Gogel

A few weeks back we hit up Adelaide to film with Rhys Gogel and he didn’t dissapoint. Amazing full pipe spot that he hooked us up with. He reps the Terminal stem hard and has had no issues. More info on the stem right here.

rhys gogel terminal stem

Owen Dawson

Thanks to Blaise at KEA for the shot.


Anton in MLB

Anton just flew back to Brisbane after going in hard for the past 3 days. Anton is no joke, he put in work everyday even after taking it hard on the first day. I think we stacked 14 clips and they were all rail clips. Future projects are looking good. He is also the slowest eater I have ever met.



Alex Coumailleau video

Frenchie came through with some great clips that he’s stacked for the past 6 months or so. Filmed throughout Queensland, Australia and Barcelona, Spain. Thanks to Tristan Montagu, Tom Lammerse, James Dybing and Remi Dumoulin for the footage and James Dybing for the photo.


Opposite crooks from Macca, Thanks Stu Munro for the shot.


The latest with Frenchie

This month of January has definitely been a crazy one it term of travelling. I just got back from a week in Hawaii where I was attending the wedding of one of my good friend from the coast! We all ( sunny coast boys) went there and spent 7 days doing rad stuff and anything possible on the Island. Surfing, snorkelling, hiking, partying, shooting guns, jumping off cliffs, visiting famous surf spots, popping wheelies on scooters, Pearl Harbour and we were even there for the Superbowl! UK legend Alistair Whitton was one of the guest too and we had an awesome time with him! #teamvacation

In other news, I also received my Permanent Australian residency and that’s what’s up! Yewwwww!



Delgado’s current ride

All the way from Brazil, Delgado is rockin’ a fresh a fuck setup which is packed full of DVSN product. Those chrome cranks and polished sprocket look so damn good on the rig. Thanks to Dennis de Souza for the photos.





Ivan Nikolaev footage

Ivan has some good clips in this mix from the Stress crew over in Russia.

360 Blowout

About 6 months ago DJ tried this large 360 running off a high of clocking some solid clips earlier in the day. Unfortunately the 5 block got the better of him. Basically he 360’d it as if he was doing a 3 hop which caused him to over rotate and punch himself in the face.

We never used the crash clip incase he wanted to go back and get it done but after folding his foot and not being able too ride for 4 months because of this crash he called it a day on this one.


Last week we spent a few days in extreme heat down in Adelaide filming with Rhys and although it stupid hot we made the most of it and Gogel came through with some solids. Thanks to DJ for these shots.



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