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Desktop – Daniel Johnson

Came up on this photo of DJ from a couple years back now when we were first starting the brand. To me this is a timeless shot of DJ. You can download it here if you want it for your desktop background.


Delgado is back

After what seems forever, Delgado‘s wrist is all healed up and he is back on it which is great to see. I can’t wait to see some fresh footage of our Brazilian friend.


DJ pops

Out on the weekend with DJ, so stoked to see him getting back on his game after the shitty foot injury he copped.


The latest with Jack O’Reilly

So for the last couple of months I’ve been hitting the snow a fair bit, but the weather has been slowly changing and there isn’t much left because of all this rain we’ve had over the last couple of days. All that means though is more time to ride yeeewww! I haven’t been doing anything too different from what I normally do, still trying to film for the Backbone dvd which is slowly but surely getting there.

I’m Going up to Melbourne in early October for a week which will be good times like always. Hopefully get enough clips for a little Division edit if I pull my finger out haha.



The latest with Rhys Gogel

Lately I’ve just been chilling, working, renovating the house and searching for new spots! We’ve turned up some gems, now I’m just waiting for the weather to stay nice while enjoying the fact the days are getting longer! Stoked on kids bikes!
The pocket air is from last summer on a ridiculously hot day after a few hours of cleaning out the pool, and the wall ride is just a spot I’ve driving past a hundred times and always wanted to ride fast at! Thanks to Rubers for the shots.



House of Hammers

Macca, Chris and DJ all have some damn hammer moves in this video from the House of Hammers event that 2020 put on last year.

Worldwide Mix #3

The third instalment compiled of footage from almost the entire worldwide team. Filmed throughout Australia, UK, Russia and the USA. Thanks to everyone that hooked us up with the footage.

Carraig Troy

We are flowing Tiny some parts now and he recently dropped this web vid which is straight fire. Love this kids style. Thanks to LC for the photos also. More from this kid soon no doubt.

tiny opp ice


Digital Edition #2 – Frenchie in Barcelona

Back in May Frenchie went on a WAOJ trip to Barcelona so we hooked him up with a few disposable cameras and what you see in front of you is the result of what looks to have been a real fun trip.

Here is the video from the trip which is a real good watch!

Frenchie’s ride

The homie Frenchie always has his bike dialed in.

frenchie bike

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