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Advert – Daniel Johnson

Our latest advert currently floating about throughout Focalpoint Online. DJ is back!


The latest with Macca

Macca just finished up filming for his Coppin’ it Sweet DVD section which will no doubt be a solid, solid section. The dvd should be out in the next 2 months so keep an eye out for the Premiere dates.


Jacko quickie

Cool little insight piece with Jacko over on the Backbone site.


Gogel photo

Really dope photo of Rhys Gogel that Dave Rubers shot. Gogel has just finished up filming for his next DVSN web video so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.


Double Ditch Jam video

Our boy Jeremie Infelise put together the official video for the 10th Double Ditch Jam held in Albuquerque. It looks like it was a blast with those nice ledge/rail setups.

Double Ditch Jam

Infelise update.

I had a chance to tag along on a trip to Albuquerque, NM with my dudes Jared Swafford and Lucas Dartford for the Double Ditch Jam. I figured viewing the country side is better healing than sitting on my couch so I packed a bag, grabbed my sleeping bag and camera then hit the road.
Everything was in the moment and it couldn’t of turned out any better. Finding a dope swimming hole, finding spots to ride and even evading Ranger Rick after making our own campsite on the Rio Grande river. Everything worked out and it was bizarre.
I can’t leave out how dope the jam was, those dudes did some work to make it happen. Since I couldn’t ride I filmed all day which was just as sick. Everyone should try and make it next year.

…The life!



The latest with Frenchie

I’ve been pretty busy lately getting some last minute clips for my welcome edit that should be finished and dropping really soon now. So exited about it.
I got a French homie, Remi, visiting and staying at my joint for a month so we’ve been riding tons and getting shit done.
This past Saturday was the Tempered drain jam and it was really dope. Good to see everybody and kicking it with the scene. Tons of crazy stuff went down and we had a hell of a good time.
I also been working on a little VX mixtape with Jeremie Infelise so keep an eye out for this too. Aus/US connect!
I’m also trying to come down to Melbourne when the weather will be better for a week or so to kick with all the FP fam so I’m pretty exited about this!
Oh yeah and Gucci’s Wolrd War III mixtapes are now out so you know its a good month. Skurrrrrrr!



Drive side guard update

We’ve got the final version of the drive side hub guard all sorted, Super stoked on how this is looking, from the tough CrMo and the slotted dropout locator it’s going to be dialed. A few of the guys have been running the original sample with no issues what so ever so with the fine tuned adjustments we’ve done, these should be available towards the end of the year.



Frenchie jibs

Quick one of Frenchie riding possibly the lowest “grindable” ledge for the crew at Primary Threads.

Trent in Ride USA

Trent has a real dialed looking photo in the new Ride BMX doing a pegs to bars into a crazy bank. Shot by Ryan Fudger.


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