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Owen Dawson down.

Shoutout to Owen Dawson who took one to the head yesterday. Rest up my man.

“Bounced my face off the ground at kirkstone yesterday had to be hospitialized for 24 hours. got some minor bleeding in my brain and I look like fuck”


Daniel Johnson is back

DJ came out for a roll today and was back on it. It was real good to see after being off the bike for 2 months from blowing out his foot on a monster 360.



Ivan at Adrenaline Games

Ivan scored a few nice photos in a gallery shot by Fudger over on the Ride site. Shitty about the weather blowing out finals but looks like it was a good time none the less.


Oh Canada

We are getting behind the annual canadian comps that are starting up soon, be sure to get out to these! Such a good thing for BMX!


Ivan mix

Well this is a treat! Some what a best of footage of Ivan Nikolaev. So many hammers in this, loved the luce down the kinked ledge.

Desktop – Anton Ayres

Over opposite crooks is definitely a fav for Anton and this recent one is dope. You can download it here for your desktop and be on the lookout for Anton’s DVSN web video dropping in the coming weeks. Thanks to Tiny for shooting this.


The latest with Daniel Johnson

DJ has been out of the riding game for over 2 months now due to blowing out his ankle. He is starting to come good now and should be back in full force in the coming weeks. A you may know DJ is also going in hard within the photography game and has recently set up a Tumblr page consisting of photos of random people he pulls up in the city of Melbourne. Get on that.



Coppin’ it Sweet

Macca has a full length section in the up and coming Coppin’ it Sweet DVD from Stu Munro which drops in the coming months. Here is the trailer.

Ivan Nikolaev fresh setup

With the weather coming good in Russia, Ivan setup a fresh new rig to hit it and it’s covered in DVSN product. Check it out and hit up RAENshop if you are over there.

Me and the homies

Adam Cox just dropped this dialed video of the Goldcoast crew, such a good vibe and Keahnu has some real solid clips in it. 180 bars backwards crooks on a flat bar? If this doesn’t make you go ride with friends you are probably doing it wrong.

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