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Flo Q&A

Florian has a Q&A over on the Soul website you should check out.


New team pages

You’ve probably noticed we gave the site a little freshen up and today we dropped the new team pages. A couple are still being completed but most of the guys have there pages sorted so check them out!


Mag coverage

Macca, Anton and Chris all have dialed photos in the latest issue of 2020, Pick a copy up from your local to peep it.




The latest with Chris Whyte

Chris Whyte recently finished his mid term exams to it’s holiday time for the Sydney based rider, seems he has been out searching and hitting spots all round. Thanks to Greg Sing for the images.



Macca brings some heat

Check out Macca & his couple clips to end out the latest Afray mix tape. Serious heat. Loved this edit, good job guys.

Visual Inspiration – Sydney

Ealry hours of a Sydney morning in the city, download it here if you’re fellin’ it for a desktop background.


The latest with Jeremie Infelise

Jeremie sent through an update, seems like it’s been a busy few weeks…

Just checking in, hope everyone has been doing well! Life has been good to say the least. Been riding a ton, spending time with family and just made the move to Ft. Worth, TX. Been cruising around my area for spots, really fun exploring new cities. Kind of like a road trip right now except I’ll have these new spots to ride for a bit. I’ll be heading back to OKC next weekend for a day of work then a few days of riding with my dudes there, and to collect some clips for our next Delic project. Really excited for that trip. Oh, and I can’t wait to go to my old Pho joint in OKC, haven’t found one here yet but I have found a dope Thai place with $2 Thai ice teas. About it I guess….going to put on a fresh Formosa fork and Fat seat then get some sleep.

Roll Deep, Ride Street. J




Digital Edition #1 re-up

We dropped this a couple weeks back but incase you missed the photo gallery Jeremie Infelise shot for us, have a peep below.

DJ footage

DJ helped out our friends at Primary Threads to put this filming board promo together for their new setups.

Worldwide Mix #2

Real stoked to have this drop, as with the first mixtape we tried to involve as many of the team guys as possible from all over the world which resulted in a good mix of footage from Australia, America, Brazil, Poland, Canada, France and Russia. Thanks to all the crew that filmed clips for this and the guys that hooked us up with the clips.

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