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DJ Web Video

DJ put in some work as usual on this, it’s an exclusive on TCU so peep it here. You won’t be disappointed!

Welcome Chris Whyte.

We are stoked to be announcing a new team rider hailing from Sydney, Australia. Chris Whyte has been progressing like there is no tomorrow and is a real down to earth person so we hit him and he was down to be apart of Division. There will be more to come from Chris in the coming weeks but for now enjoy these photos shot by Lachlan Hicks.

Keahnu Doyle

Keahnu and some of his mates spent a few days in Melbourne and from this video that looked to have a blast. They all kill it on the bikes aswell.

Melbz! from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

Jeremie Infelise bike check

Jeremie has a bike check over on the Hoffman Bikes site… check it out.

Hub Guards are here!

After alot of testing we got these dialed in and now they are here to grind away! Hit up your local store and get them in. Enjoy!

Welcome Albert Piotrowski

We would like to welcome Albert to the family, repping Division hard for us over in Poland. We will have a team page up soon but for now enjoy a bit of a bike check.

Jack O’Reilly

Jacko is still galavanting around Europe, here is the latest…

“So after Germany we jumped on a bus for 10 hours to pin it into Poland to see some of Robs rellos… It was a brutal bus ride that’s for sure! Lucky we sorted our selves with some sleeping pills to knock us out! First stop was Warsaw for a night just to have a quick look around… Ended up seen some cool shit! Things are so cheap in Poland too! Very tempting place to buy stuff…  After Warsaw we caught another bus to Lublin, which is a much smaller place then Warsaw and a lot less people speak English haha… Rob’s parents hooked us up with a hotel for the three nights we were there… It was called the Grand hotel… I’m guess I don’t need to explain that it was pimping haha… In Lublin Rob’s rellos took us to a concentration camp there so that was pretty interesting to see!

After Lublin we went to another place that I forget the name of but it’s where Rob’s grand parents live… It’s right on the boarder of Ukraine and when the war was on the Germans built all these places so they could sneak in and fuck people up haha, anyway me and Rob were just doing what young kids do… Like going down dark as fuck tunnels and shit like that and when we were about to leave two Ukraine boarder patrol dudes came and gave us the one, two about that we can’t be fucking around here so that was the end of that…

Then after seeing Robs grand parents we went to Krakow to go see Auschwitz! That was a crazy place! Now I’m just out the front of Macca’s in Paris… Did all the touristy shit and we’re about to pack up our bikes to bus it back to Hastings! BOOM SHAKALAKA!”

Ivan’s new setup

Ivan reps out product over in Russia, we will have a web video dropping of Ivan in the coming weeks.

Trent McDaniel footy

Trent has a few good clips in this edit with a bunch of crew in Tulsa.

Tulsa Lake House Session – More BMX Videos

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