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Print Media: Daniel Johnson

DJ web video coming soon? Oh hell yes!! This rail hop is in the up and coming web vid. This is our current print advert running in 2020 right now.

Damien Fleur

Damien Fleur who is one of our french homies sent through a quick shot from whilst he was in Northern France working for the past couple of weeks, he still found time to hit a few spots.

Trent McDaniel welcome edit.

Trent and Jeff went hard on this edit and it came out the goods! Make sure you watch this and be on the look out for more from Trent soon. Also check out their crew website The Gully Factory.


Jack in Europe

So me and Rob have finally ventured into europe and it’s been sick as fuck! First stop was Amsterdam and as soon as we rocked up we dropped off the bags and hit the coffee shops… Lacey recommend us to go to Barney’s, and I guess I don’t really need to explain what happened from there haha… Ended up seeing heaps for sick sights too which was good! Went on a boat though all the canals also which was pretty coooool!

We’re now in Germany and today we caught the train into Berlin and hired some bikes to hoon around on all day! Got to see the Berlin wall and plenty of other things, which was dope! We’re here for another 2 nights and then we catch a bus to Poland to see some of Robs rellos

Hope all is well back in Aus!

Florian and the USA

More updates sent in from Florian who is still over in the USA. Ice to bars is the goods!

Jacko fire

Jacko banged out another edit before he bailed to Europe!

JACKO FEDDY DROP from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

7&7 Jeremie Infelise

Jeremie has a good video interview from the guys at We have motive. A good insight into his life and some real good riding clips in there aswell.

Jeremie Infelise – Seven & Seven from wehavemotive.com on Vimeo.

Talladega Sprocket winner!

Stoked on all the crew that entered the Find the Clip giveaway. The winner is Joshua Burns, congrats man we will email you out very soon.

In the budget

We posted up the trailer to this web video a few days ago featuring Trent and it did not disappoint, peep it…

SUNringlĂ© “InTheBudget?” (Full Length) from Sunringlebmx on Vimeo.

You can’t do that here!

That’s what we copped a bit today with people and security whilst out trying to shoot a few photos with Keahnu. Basically every spot we hit we got kicked out just as we setup. Like this photo, Keahnu wanted to do a few things down it but straight after this test shot we got kicked.

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