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DJ has been hard at work with his late night photography and he asked me to help him out with this photography comp he has entered, if you dig the photo below then click here and like the photo for him to help him win the competition.

Delgado video

Andre Delgado has a quick little video out with the guys at Click BMX in Brazil. Check it out.

Print Media – Jack O’Reilly

Jack featured in our latest print advert in the current issue of Focalpoint, You can see the clip of this photo in his welcome edit below and more info about the Talladega sprockets here.

Sidewall Fresh Picks: Monument Stem

The good guys over at Sidewall Distribution released their latest fresh picks & features our Monument Stem.

Time lapses

DJ spends alot of time at night shooting timelapses in the middle of nowhere by himself, it’s quite amazing the motivation he has for shooting photos these days. He just put together this video of some of his more recent time lapses.

Hard times

Trent busted up his head whilst on the road this week but he is all good and back on the road later this week, take it easy brother.

Trent McDaniel

Trent is keeping busy right now filming for his welcome edit along with being on a trip at the moment for his rims sponsor Sun Ringle. He sent through a screengrab from the filming for his welcome edit which I am pretty excited about!

Jeremie Iphone footage

I love these Iphone web vids that Jeremie puts together of all his buddies, kind of shows the goodtimes riding brings and there is actually some solid riding in there aswell. Love the look of some of those DIY spots aswell.


Delgado has been working hard on filming for his welcome edit of late when he isn’t injured. I can’t wait to see the footage! He is also working on a joint edit with one of his skater buddies which should be interesting aswell.



Our man in Russia Ivan Nikolaev just dropped an edit for his frame sponsor Mutant Bikes, plenty of good rail moves mixed in here.

Ivan Nikolaev | Summer mix 2011 from Артём Гонзо on Vimeo.

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