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Mitchell McDonald solo edit

When Macca first joined the team, the first thing he set out to do was get together some footage for a solid solo edit. He chose Troy Charlesworth has the guy to film & edit the piece. It was filmed during the course of Macca’s interview in Issue 39 of 2020 BMX Magazine. He collected some solid bangers during the course of filming & the end result is quite enjoyable. It was also Troy’s last edit using his trusty VX before he turned to the HD world. Sit back, relax & enjoy.

Online store… now live

Our online store is now live & you can order our soft goods for starters. You can also exclusively order our canvas artwork here & here only as well. Once our hard goods are all available, you will be able to order all our products in our store too. We can ship anywhere in the world as well, so take a look at what we have to offer so far.

Down the highway.

Macca features in this edit from the crew at RideOn BMX store where they road-tripped to Lenox Heads.

Is it excruciating?

We put together a bit of an outtakes edit from the split edit that we launched a couple weeks ago. Second angles, crashes, random shit and un-used/similar clips. Have a good weekend.

In house.

A super limited run of crew necks and snap backs will be out real soon. should be the goods!

Best trickery

DJ won best trick on Monday night at Slay the Rails #2. Hanger to over pegs down the rail both ways???. Be on the look out for an edit very soon.


Done and dusted.

The tradeshow is over, thanks to everyone who came out and checked out the new gear, couple shots from the booth.

That kid from Lilydale is so hot right now.

DJ won the King of Jibs comp in Melbourne yesterday, congrats man. Why not have another watch of this aswell.

Stand #94

Come past stand #94 tomorrow.

DJ desktop background

Daniel Johnson has been out filming hard for his first solo Division Brand edit. I am real excited about it, that’s for sure! Gap to opposite ice grind to gap out. Download it below for a desktop background.

1980 X 1080….1680 X 1020….1440 X 875….1280 X 776

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